We live in a society that has lost touch with Holistic living and education. We constantly feel the pressure to follow the rules of society programming us to fit in and follow the expected rhythms of daily life. Cultural expectations can lead us into a full-time 9-5 job that is not fulfilling, getting married, or committing with financial expenditure before we are ready. We tend to lose ourselves in the process.


Firstly, we need to deal with our trauma so that we can become balanced souls. Trying to push forward with life’s many challenges when you are not whole and expressing understanding for self-love only creates chaos and confusion that can lead to depression and anxiety. Why is it that mental health has been given so much publicity and respect yet how to deal with core issues to eliminate certain mental patterns that do not serve you is not addressed. By raising awareness and techniques within holistic education, you will be able to experience life in the many nuances as intended and live a life of higher consciousness.




 ““The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

 CEO & Producer

Founder and producer of the meditation programs, Artist Victoria also known as Vickysoul, created the Academy based on her experience with traditional education and what it lacked. She holds a BA in Popular music and a MA in songwriting and music production. With a huge passion for guiding and sharing ancient knowledge within the spiritual and universal realm, she is on a mission to shift the human consciousness and be a part of creating a NEW WORLD.




"Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature" Steve Maraboli

Digital Marketer

Malin is an all-around marketer with a BA in Marketing and MSc in Strategic Digital Marketing, specializing in SEO. With a love for both tech and nature, she loves working on projects where both can be combined. As a passionate plant mum living the center of urban Oslo, it is important to Malin to bring nature closer by living in a green home by growing and nurturing plants, eating plant-based food, and reducing her footprint.




 “Of course i feel too much, I am a universe of exploding stars”  S.Ajna

Merchandise Coordinator

With a deep passion for design and interior, Andrea seeks to create functional and soulful merchandise that is aligned with the Academy and supports spiritual growth. She has an incredibly creative mind and loves stardust, wildflowers, and the calming sensation of water.  Instagram




 “Creativity and a positive mindset fused with focused action, is key to achieving our excellence, self-healing and transformation in all areas of our life.” #SkiDangleBoom

Empowerment Mentor 

Music, Media, and Massage briefly describe what Creative Entrepreneur and Ambassador for Disability in the arts Zed Regal represents. 

His passion for creating opportunities, and inspiring positive change in others, is a result of him adapting to living with a physical disability. From his Music and Published Books of Poetry to his Intuitive Healing, Coaching and NLP/Hypnotherapy practices Zed´s mission is creating balance, as he refers to as #SkiDangleboom. 


Zed Regal



“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. From the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Empowerment Mentor 

In 1998, Joanna began a holistic spiritual quest to discover how to awaken expanded sentience to enhance the quality of life for herself and others. With a training background in psychology and the travel industry and having discovered Reiki and Egyptian Reiki, Joanna set off for Egypt to weave the ancient philosophies into the more recently presented healing modalities. This led to her Reyad Sekh Em© (RSE) Healing system which is a high vibrational Egyptian alchemy healing system that harnesses elemental angels, crystalline energies, sound vibration, and sacred breathing. Her courses and meditations to help awaken new perceptive awareness and experience unity consciousness.

Harmony Healing



“I imagine a world of yellow people. These people are inspired and energised; waking up with eyes beaming just like a child, walking with a bounce in their step and live with massive joy in their heart"

Personal Development Coach

A personal development leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an unwavering optimist devoted to guiding professionals and business owners to declutter their minds, sharpen their performance, and live a balanced yet successful life. 


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