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Davonte Sheard is the creator of a company founded in 2016 called Wealthy10KLife, The mission of Wealthy10KLife was initially to help everyone make at least 10K/month and it has grown into so much more. It combines the spiritual laws of the Universe with the world's largest financial market in the world - Forex.
They are synchronized into a strategy he created called "God's Strategy" that he downloaded in deep meditation, which teaches you how to obtain both Spiritual and Physical Wealth at the same time. No longer do you have to renounce wealth to obtain spirituality. You can now use spirituality(the roots) to obtain wealth(the fruits).


Listen to this incredible podcast from our Trible leaders Tammy and Davonte

My Story

Davonte Sheard is the mentor/creator of Wealthy10KLife. The second oldest of 7 siblings and the oldest male of 4 brothers. He's a 24 year old man from Columbia SC, who is full of passion and ambition. A highly spiritual individual who practices meditation daily and puts Spirit Over ALL . Davonte hasn't always been wealthy and successful, however. He came from a poor background. He tried to attend college to major in computer science but lost his scholarship during his sophomore year. Eager to continue his career in computers he did all he could do to stay in college, including working for the school fixing students' and professors' laptops. He even resorted to selling weed to try to stay in school. After doing all he could and still failing to be able to afford tuition he decided to take a semester off to save some funds. He quickly realized he could use his computer fixing skills he learned from the college to fix people's computers around his local vicinity. As his money grew fast he started to have an Epiphany. Why waste all the money trying to go back to school when he could just invest in his own business. Unfortunately, he was still staying with his mother who disagreed with this idea so he had to resort back to a 9-5 in order to satisfy their needs. Another epiphany came over him as he realized no one at these jobs ever care about the workers. He vowed never to build someone's else dream again. With this new belief, he quickly got kicked out of the home but not before shortly getting introduced to Forex. After investing all his time and money into learning Forex, he was kicked out of homes more than 3 times and eventually became homeless. He was sleeping at a bus station with nothing but his laptop and a few clothing items. This is where his life turned around. After a couple of months at the bus station of constant studying Forex for 23 hours straight a day and drinking coffee to stay up when he dozed off he was blessed with God's Strategy. He now focuses all his efforts on helping others escape the rat race through the power of Forex. He learned a lot of life lessons from being homeless, including but not limited to: Giving is better than receiving, focusing on the positive no matter what, meditation is vital, positive affirmations are key, and our thoughts create our reality. This evolved into him guiding others spiritually and even learning how to heal others and remove all of their traumas via sexual alchemy.

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