I believe in the Universe, I believe in the planetary alignments, astrology and numerology "The architects of our universe" Sending us signs in shape of numbers that have deeper meanings and clues. What you experience is not a coincidence it is synchronicity. A highly intellectual web of information from our source guiding you in the right direction "The alchemist" from different dimensions.

You see, you already have the power inside you to shape and create anything you want to bring into your life. Everything is energy and frequency, and the way you think and act determines the outcome.

By connecting to your spirituality, and having an understanding of the bigger picture you are opening yourself to a higher frequency and can tap into limitless abundance. Yes, because that is why we are here on earth, to live and experience the most wonderful unconditional love.

They told us life is hard, and to live what is considered “The good life” you have to follow the society’s expectations and live by the rules set by the government - This is a big fat lie! We are programmed to exist in this MATRIX of oppression so that we are controlled, and disconnected to own inner power.

The media is constantly spreading out negativity and fear that results in people living in fear and despair. The biggest pharmaceutical companies thrive off our sickness, mental health issues and Dis-ease! Prescribed drugs and vaccines have awful side effects that in fact make us even sicker. The worst thing is that the media promotes that if you only take this pill or that vaccine all your problems will go away - this is corruption. There’s been a cure for cancer for years, however the people that know this mysteriously looses their life and secrets get buried.

We are not having a third dimensional experience in this biological spacesuit without a higher purpose. I believe that the current circumstances is giving us a golden opportunity to raise the human consciousness and create a new world together. A world of change where no one is programmed or controlled by anyone. A world without self pity, guilt, blame, hurt and fear.

So don´t label me crazy, because the truth is that I am conscious.....



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