RE-IMAGINING VALUE; You are already richer than you think

In the last 12 months alone, we have witnessed one of the biggest and fastest transfers of wealth that has ever happened. Trillions of dollars worth of resources, capital and energy have been concentrated into the hands of the sociopathic gatekeepers who already held unfathomable material wealth.

That this has happened whilst the majority of the human family has been locked down physically and mentally, quarantined and under threat of punishment for even attempting to contravene these ‘recommendations’ from our ‘authorities’ has elicited the biggest jolt to our collective consciousness that I can remember in my lifetime.

Everyday people are beginning to ‘wake up’ and question the narrative world that dominates our view of society, of ourselves and of each other. That there are those equally invested in rubbishing people’s new-found ‘wokeness’ is also testimony to a paradigm shift that is inevitable.

Big business has become a global religion and we have been sucked into its orbit and forced to be participants in the congregation whether we like it or not. Money sits above the big religions as a unification narrative that all the world’s ’believers’ believe in.

Stealthily but steadily, money has become the God of gods, and now wars are fought with God’s name invoked but underlying financial imperatives guiding the outcomes.

Why do I mention all of this in a conversation about reimagining value?

I believe that it takes a frank and honest appraisal of the mess we find ourselves in to even begin mustering the motivation to change it. I have become so used to people cowering in their perceived helplessness because they feel so insignificant individually in the bigger global picture. Nothing that we do is going to change anything out there anyway so why bother at all?

As pessimistic an outlook as this can appear, I see it as an extraordinary opportunity to flip people’s mental and spiritual switches. In the recognition that something needs to be done there is hope, even if the instinctual follow-up reaction is helplessness. That initial recognition might be small but is enough fuel to spark the fire of change.

What is required is further kindling to grow that spark into a flame, that flame into a furnace, that furnace into an inferno.

The emergence of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, decentralised finance and even 3D printing have all been major disruptors in the singular narrative that has dominated our collective understanding of money and power. People are beginning to understand that there is power to reclaim and deploy to their real benefit.

Even if tech bro Bitcoin speculation is the current poster child of this alternate narrative at least there is a new poster.

Conversations about value and it’s exchange long predate the monetary system that we have come to accept as sovereign and so this current crop of alternative currencies, protocols, exchanges and otherwise maybe new technologically but merely re-emergent ideologically.

And so to my premise - we NEED to reimagine value. The linear, capitalist verticals that have brought us to the verge of planetary ecological collapse have created an imbalanced wealth structure which actually has made life harder for the majority of people than it has ever been in human history. That a rural farmer can no longer feed their family with the crop they grow locally as the harvest now ’belongs’ to someone else across the world who has never left their urban environment, is a snapshot of where we’ve gone so wrong.

With new projects like SEEDS, the conscious currency, or Earth Dollar, the restoration and revitalisation currency, there are decentralised collectives (DAOs) who are actively working on the reimagining of value and how best this concept can be harnessed to the benefit of the entire human family and the planet at large. It is projects such as these that represent our best chance at survival as a species - far more than the colonisation of Mars.

We are in a defining moment of our collective evolution and the decisions we make now will ultimately determine all of our fates.

The only thing that I can ask of you, of myself, of anyone is to open your eyes and truly see that the narrative world we live in is of our own creation and that changing it is only limited by our imaginations.

Joel Bravette ©️ 2021

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