SEXUAL ENERGY; Your greatest currency

Updated: Feb 23

Everything you see around you was created with your sexual energy. You attracted it into your life's experience via your sexual programming. Whatever you deem will make you more sexually attractive, is what you gravitate towards.

This society is built upon the energy of Sex

This is why every ad, commercial, advertisement, even this website is designed to be attractive. The more sexual energy something contains the more attractive it is perceived to be. Thus when we seek to attract the attention of others, we spend our money on the sexiest items. Everything around you is constantly trying to attract your attention. It's trying to arouse you so that you take some particular action.

Whether the action is to BUY an item, JOIN a business, or even COMMIT to a relationship. Your root chakra determines your physical actions thus the more sexy something is perceived, The greater the chances that it will cause you to take a PHYSICAL ACTION.

No, one desires to even have the physical action of SEX unless they perceive it as sexy.

So if you want to be a magnet for all your desires, YOU MUST LEARN TO MASTER YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY

Your sexual energy will attract what it is deeply programmed to attract at the DEEPEST LEVEL. If it is trapped in the Root-Chakra, it will attract toxicity, traumas and struggles because this is the densest layer of existence. If it is liberated into the Crown-Chakra, it will attract Divine Partnerships and Ideas. Miracles will fall at your feet in a synchronized fashion.

The God within you will become fully activated and your life will blossom into its highest potential.

The Earth is a lower-self obstacle course because it vibrates densely in the 3rd Dimension. Thus it will be filled with Lower-Self(Flesh) temptations and addictions to try to drain your sexual energy. If you can master yourself and your sexual energy, you will become an ascended master. You will then be able to live into higher forms and dimensions of existence. The knowledge of how to reprogram your sexual energy has been hidden from the masses. Because it is perhaps the greatest knowledge you can obtain on the earth realm.

Once equipped with this knowledge you will literally be able to change the codes of the Living Matrix. No longer will you be pulled to and from by your lower desires and lust, you will be fully aligned with SPIRIT in ALL YOUR DECISIONS. One must first learn to sexually detox from all the past encounters that are still draining your sexual energy.

Then one must build their sexual energy via sexual regeneration.

Then one must transmute this sexual energy up the spine into the crown chakra

After this, the sky isn't even the Limit!!!!!




All is Well All is One All is Love Your Angel, Davonte

Davonte Sheard is a Forex Mentor, Spiritual Guide, and Sexual Alchemy Coach. After his spiritual awakening in 2016, He downloaded during deep meditation a system called "God's Strategy" which combines all these into one to help individuals achieve their greatest potential by obtaining both material and spiritual wealth. He has joined THE VICKYSOUL ACADEMY as a Tribe Leader and we are currently planning online courses and more content with Davonte.

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