THE LIONS GATE PORTAL 8.8.21; Manifesting Abundance

Sunday 8th August is The Lion's Gate. August 8th (8:8 in numerology, being the 8th day of the 8th month) has always been experienced as the Lion's Gate doorway opening up a time portal. The portal lasts 26th July to 12th August, but peaks every year on the 8th August.

Our tribe leader Joanna Bristow-Watkins explains in her blog post that the number 8, being the infinity symbol on its side, represents the infinite forever conscious part of our soul, higher realms of consciousness and our infinite journey. The number 8 is also connected with abundance and strength making 8:8 a good time to clear the way and charge our energies.

It is said to be an energetic doorway, which activates through the Solar Lion into the etheric and the Hall of Records (Akasha) and is associated with the marriage of matter and anti-matter, where polarities meet and merge. Encrypted at sacred sites all over the world, but headquartered at Giza Egypt, these long-established data programmes, communicate with our own inner crystalline codes held in our DNA.

By tuning in and connecting with these codings we may be able to access a portal to ancient truths and wisdom resulting in an accelerated spiritual awakening.

Adding to this magical portal is the new moon in Leo that enhances the energies making it super powerful for manifesting. We have previously written about adapting to the cycles of nature, a new moon is a chance to start a fresh new cycle for projects or to attract abundance in all areas of your life. Many rituals and meditations are taking place all over the world utilising this special portal of the lion's gate and the lunar energies.

YOU can use this as an advantage to manifest what you want to attract into your life, YES! A new project, more income, a new partner, a new property or perhaps you have been thinking about doing a bold move to change your current reality?!. You are living in challenging times, where society is changing and governments are forcing power and taking away our freedom. This is all part of the big shift that we have written about in our previous articles:

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The good news is that this shift is shaping a New Earth and people are starting to understand that the universe has a powerful force that you are a part of. You are able to connect to the constellations, the lunar energies, and utilise this to manifest a new reality living in harmony with Gaia.

The New Earth is not a place, it is a state of mind, it is the evolution of consciousness

In the Mayan culture, they have ancient wisdom that reflects a deep connection with the different star constellations and the alignment of the planets. The Uxmal pyramid and its surroundings are designed in perfect alignment with the cycles of the planets. They also have one calendar for the sun and a different one for the moon. As well as performing rituals on different moon cycles they utilised the energies to attract what they were in need of. The seven major calendars also reflect the planetary alignments with perfect accuracy linked to the equinoxes. The decor and stones are carved out in honour of different planets such as Venus, and it is said that the Mayans originated from the Pleiades star constellation also knows as the seven sisters. This ancient wisdom is hard to understand and interpret today as we have lost touch with this knowledge, and our history books are not including vital information about our cosmic family and our true origin. We are currently working on this topic and wish to include teachings at THE VICKYSOUL ACADEMY in galactic history. We believe that a big part of "The Shift" is in fact cosmic disclosure.

We are all made of stardust, we are all a part of the infinite one creator and yes...magic exists

There are many ways of attracting abundance, through prayer, meditation, visualisation, affirmations, vision boards and rituals. All mentioned are powerful at all moments in time, however, we have designed a beautiful tool for you to use every new moon. Allow us to present the ABUNDANCE CHEQUE! This is a very powerful tool to apply within 24 hours after the new moon to utilise the manifesting energy when the moon is waxing. You can keep an electronic copy on your device and edit in the information, or you can print it out in physical form, write on it and keep it in your wallet or somewhere at home.

  1. Write your name in "Pay to" within 24h after the new moon

  2. Write "Paid in full" or choose a specific amount

  3. Sign it and add the date, 08.08.21, As this also will empower due to Lions gate

  4. Use this every New moon for abundance

PDF copy for print

Abundance Cheque VSA
Download PDF • 984KB

We have invoked the two archangels Metatron and Zadkiel to strengthen the connection to your abundance, also using the secret geometry symbol of Metatron that you can see in each corner. Working with angels is a powerful way of manifesting, solving different challenges and utilising their many powers. You can read more about his in our article

The Lost Art of Prayer

We advise you to always have clear intentions, attracting for the greater good of your higher self and with positivity and good intentions, to make your reality and our world a better place. Manifesting for the wrong reason and out of ego will not be returned in your favour, and so it's important to state that becoming a millionaire overnight (although we won't exclude this happening) just for the benefit of living a flashy lifestyle is not living in the New Earth, and is, in fact, old energy. Manifest with an open heart filled with love, manifest changes in your life that also will positively benefit others around you creating a blessed environment and a high vibrational reality.

Love, Light, Magic & Peace

Vickysoul XX


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