The Lost Art of Prayer

Updated: Aug 7

As a child, my summers were spent with my grandmother. I loved how free-spirited and free you feel in those times. Spending days exploring the woods, getting muddy with no care in the world. Good old days! The one thing that has always stuck out and is ingrained in my memory, which I wasn't a big fan of it was praying before bedtime. This was the only thing my grandmother was adamant for us to do every evening. It was a ritual before she tucked us into the bed. I never like to conform and I was a bit of a rebel but it meant so much to my grandmother and my love for her was much greater than I always obliged to do that to keep her happy. As raised Catholic, I didn't like the narrow-minded brainwashing system of enslavement that religions bring and I was confused, how God by loving us so much and as his children, would send us into the abyss for whole eternity to be tortured for sins. I was pushing the religious dogma as far as away as I could. That being said, I still believe in a creator, one force, energy, but lost faith in the institution and the way of manipulation of the people psyche when they are at the lowest. As years go by you realize there are so many aspects of ritual and believes are morphed in your everyday task, from big to small...Wishing there is hot water, wishing there is no delay, let there be no queues, please let my boss be in a good mood, the list goes on and on. A wish is just like a prayer, your asking some larger force to assist you. We do it subconsciously without even realizing it. Especially the new age ideas, like the very successful "The Secret" is based on an old pray ritual just repackaged. There are lots of ideas out there that suggest how to pray, however, it is much simpler than you think and you don’t need practice, to be honest, our time is so precious and it is sometimes hard to fit everything in the day.

You have your own Internal "Wishing machine" and you don’t even know it.

So let us unpack it! As we know 2020, has been far from ‘boring’ and one thing that has brought to many´s attention is uncomfortable uncertainty, and we had more than once had to take a deep breath, bow down, and said a little pray. No matter what beliefs you have in your life. So my journey has taken me right there, one evening in mid-2020, when I have put my hands together and said a little prayer that has taken my life from ordinary to something quite extraordinary. I have chosen a path when a thought came to me during my meditation, that I know instantly it is not something that I know off, it was automatic writing. There were so many different esoteric things that I know but this was not on my radar. I thought, let´s try it out, and I felt there was energy coming through after a few days and after familiarizing myself with it. When the writing came through, my life changed forever. I felt I had a universal phone and all the messages that had been coming through were full of love and important advice. Now, I won´t be going into much of my extraordinary journey, well leave this for another time. Some of the connections I have been having apart of my higher self and spirit guide is Pleiadian, High Council of Light, High Council of Time, Brown Brothers Mantis Beings, Valient Thore Venusian, Archangel Michael who has taken me under his wing and he is my Guardian Angel, just to name a few.

After the decision to write about ’Lost art of prayer’, Mantis Beings wanted to share information on this subject as they thought this is something that people need to hear especially now in a time that we are experiencing. They wanted me to share some information on each of the Archangels, their special powers, and how we can ask for help.

One of the things I have been told and something that I came across in QHHT (quantum hypnotic healing therapy), are low negative energies that are lurking in shadows waiting on someone so they can latch on to them. Sometimes you might have a hole in your Auric Field, due to your mental state, health or sensitivity to energies that they can sneak into you like a parasite. These energies are not lost souls, they are simply the energies that have been created through the collective consciousness like anger, pain, torture, wars, or any strong emotions. These emotions reside in a parallel universe and they can shift through our parallel realities. They don’t have a body, but they yearn for one, so they can create havoc with people's emotions or mental state as they like to control, without you being aware. If they go without being discovered, they can get people very sick. As well as depending on how strong these energies are, they can be demonic and stay with a host for a long time. These demonic energies have to be professionally extracted from the body if they do enter one. Advice on how to help you with your Auric Field is to smudge your room as well as yourself or burn incense stick before bedtime and ask for protection from Higher Beings of light to come to your aid, as that is when they are likely to come in when your consciousness is asleep. As well as if you elevate your emotional intelligence and be happy, by creating an environment like that, it is very toxic for those low energies and they will leave the body and find a different host. If you have lost or misplaced any items, you can ask for Fairies to retrieve them, they love to help out. Fairies are made up of fairytales you say, but they are Multidimensional Beings, they might be misunderstood but they are loving to humans and love to be helpful.

All you need is to clear your mind, think about the item and ask them to help you retrieve it, imagine that you have it already and be gracious and thank them in advance.

Let’s talk about our loving Angels that we have been treasured of knowing for as long as the records go. Through song, writing, and speech they have been around before the beginning of time. Quite recently there were a few energies they reached out and wanted to give some advice and information on the benevolent and divine beings that so many, no matter what religion or beliefs you are have heard of. One was Mantis Beings, High Council of Light and then Archangel Raphael wanted to have a final word. First I wanted to speak of Magnificent Archangel Michael who is my Guardian Angel and when I had my first loving introduction with him I had a question. Who are Angels and are they Multidimensional beings? He was very firm and said no, they are Archangels of planet Earth and I found out that every planet has its own set of Angels assigned to them to help the planet and all its inhabitants to evolve and ultimately ascend.

They have been created directly from Source, God, Devine and each of the Archangels have their mission, individual tasks, and assigned to different individuals at your birthing plan.

All the Archangel's names are ending in -el and they are coming directly from light, the ones with -on at the end - are energies, who came off Earth and been given Angelic statues. They are chosen ones who were detrimental to human involvement and gave so much time to help with ascension and were so loving to everyone, given the tool to help others that need it the most. There are thousands of Angels waiting to get through ranks and to get their Archangel statues and they would love to help with any task no matter how big or small. How to invoke and ask for help from these beautiful benevolent beings? they can travel through space and time in the blink and they can be at multiple locations at once. This is a quantum universe and not going much into it there are layers and layers of parallel realities that give them that ability. They are androgens but are assigned to different tasks that give them accents of the male of feminine energies. I know they are perceived very differently in art and they have been given wings but they don’t look different one to another, though their energies emulate them that gives them their own identity and glow.

They can speak to you whenever you need, through a thought. These thoughts are loving and you can easily distinguish them from all the noise in your head. Meditation can truly help to quiet those loud egotistical thoughts or those low energies who have no loving interest in the mind. When you become observant of your back dialogue they will come through like lighting and love.

When you need help, let’s say you have some issues with certain people that have a challenge with you, close your eyes, take a deep breath, clear your mind, keep your attention on the issue and simply lovingly ask them to give you advice with it. They will take note of it and set their energies in monition to give you the right outcome. All your thoughts must have a loving nature and they will not help you if you have negative energies towards the issues.

We are all being of light and consciousness who have human experiences all here to learn our lessons through love, pain, loss, grief, dark, light... We are all energies who symbiotically need one another to evolve and grow as individuals or in our soul group, or collective.

Here is the final channelled message from Archangel Raphael, his name means ‘God Heals’

We have lots of time for humans and we can help with anything and they can openly speak to us. We have individual tasks that we would love to share with you. We love to help with loving people who have time for the world and have time to help others. We have lots of time for people who are helping Gaia and have more time to help animals. We would like to help those that have issues with the pain of existence and have lots of love for people that have issues with what is going on in the world at the moment. We know this is hard, but we are here for you. We love you, we have lots of time for you. Let’s work together to help everyone that needs us. We love you just the way you are and loving you are. Let’s make a difference. We would like to say that you are amazing and please don’t change and love everyone equally and understand you are all alike and find empathy and give more love to the ones they need it most.’ Please see the list of the Archangels and their assigned missions and energies they would be able to help you with. Michael He helps with protection, courage, confidence, safety, life-purpose guidance. Loves help to fix mechanical and electronic items as well. Raphael He is known for healing people and animals. He is guiding healers in their education and practices. He gives guidance and protection to travellers and helps to connect you with your soul mate. Gabriel helps with delivering important and clear messages, and helping those who are messengers (teachers, writers, actors, and artists). Assisting with all aspects of parenting, including conception, adoption, and birth. Uriel Helping with intellectual understanding, conversations, ideas, insights, and opinions. Helping with studying, school, taking tests, writing, and speaking. Chamuel Looking after universal and personal peace. Helping finding whatever you are seeking. Ariel connects with nature, animals, and nature spirits like fairies. Helps manifesting your earthly material needs, guidance for a career, and is an advocate in environmentalism or animal welfare. Metatron Has knows about sacred geometry and esoteric healing work. Working with the universal energies, including time management and “time-warping”. Helping highly sensitive people and especially the youths who are often referred to as Indigos, Rainbow, or Crystal children. Powerful in connection to manifestation. Sandalphon Is receiving and delivering prayers between God and humans. Gives guidance and support musicians. Azrael Is healing the grief-struck people and is the counsellor, helping souls cross over. Jophiel Helping with beauty, elevating your thoughts and feelings. Loves helping with clearing clutter out of your life. Haniel Awakening and trusting your spiritual gifts of intuition and clairvoyance. Helping with releasing the old, supports, healing for women’s physical and emotional health issues. Raziel Giving an understanding of the secrets of the universe. Helping with remembering and dealing with any issues with past lives, giving understanding with esoteric wisdom, likes dream interpretation. Raguel Heals arguments or misunderstandings and brings harmony to any situation. Helping with attracting wonderful new friends. Jeremiel Developing and understanding spiritual visions and clairvoyance, conducting a life review so you can make adjustments concerning how you wish to live. Zadkiel The angel of attracting abundance. great to call upon new moon cycles. Helping students to remember facts and figures for tests. Heals painful memories, remembering your Divine spiritual origin and missions; choosing forgiveness. So to close in, whoever you want to call, they are here to work with us and beside us, as long there are loving and grateful energies you are emulating you will get a positive outcome. There are far more than we are not aware of and creation has no boundaries and it is far more mysterious than you would ever expect.

There is no light without darkness, so hold the light for the ones that have run out of batteries. Be loving to yourselves and others and take a moment to remember that we are here to make ripples. So put your hands together every morning when you wake up, and say a little prayer...

Honner (aka Mirela Ktori) is Croatian born and resides in London. She’s had a passion for all things esoteric and mystery since a young age, ever since she was exposed to the paranormal. Although raised Catholic, the forbidden knowledge had never been so tempting and she went on an ever-ending quest seeking answers. As a teenager, she dabbled in hypnosis, seances, and fortune card reading. In one of the hypnotic regression sessions, she found out that a few of her past lives had lived in England and that’s where she feels like she belongs.

Honner´s life has been riddled with unexplained events & synchronicity that always felt like she had been guided to where she is today. 2020 has been the big year of many things as well as personal experiences. After looking inwards, Honner had a thought about Automatic Writing that wasn’t hers during a meditation session so decided to act upon it and began automatic writing. Since then she has been in contact with different beings from other dimensions that wanted to work with her and she is looking forward to sharing the information with the World. Honner is also working with Cards of Destiny, a system of cards that she stumbled on as a teenager. Through Automatic Writing, she realized that in one of her past lives she was using the same card system in Egypt. She has been always very artistic and has her own t-shirt & jewellery business and is currently studying Jewellery Design.

“We are all citizens of the World and we need to spread love and share joy more than ever and mostly creating the reality that we want to be in. There are so many things that are wrong at the moment and they have never been right. We are just waking up from a metaphysical slumber and seeking answers. All the answers are laying in us and we need to realize how powerful our thought is. We need to hold each other and shine the light as the light is all you can see in this darkness. So light up that path for the ones who are stumbling in the dark.” Love & Light Honner ✨ You can contact me at Website FaceBook Escape From Samsara Instagram escape_from_samsara

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