THE NEW EARTH; A multidimensional future

We are living in very exciting times dear souls, the structures in our society's are changing, the old paradigms are shifting and we are leaving the old energy. Some of you might immediately think, no there is chaos, fear and uncertainty... Where did that thought come from? Did it come from external sources? What has made you think anything other than, today is going to be nothing but love and bliss, filled with joy and excitement for my soul? Stretching your arms wide and saying out loud..... wow it's beautiful to be alive. I am grateful.

If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?

Are you being challenged with people around you promoting fear and expressing themselves from a place of negativity, blaming others, gossiping and creating drama? A thought is an incredible powerful force of energy, use it wisely. Detach yourself from people that are not at any point elevating you or inspiring you on some level. Being able to sit calm and not react to someone who is shouting at you calling you names, that is peace. Do you want other people control you or define you in any way? Dear soul, you have free will, and so these are all conscious decisions. The negative is a lower vibration, and can in fact manifest in disease. The biggest deception is control, so define your own future.

There's currently a re-balancing of light and dark forces, reframing our consciousness.

This is all part of creating our new earth, yes, dealing with your traumas, choosing love over fear. Crushing the old paradigms of control creating your own future. Say.. My dreams are my reality.. Be grateful for the knowledge and understanding you now have! Start giving it some lip service.. (Kryon 2021) Be a warrior of light and tell the people around you that is does not have to be this way. The change has come.

We are currently governed by TIME, divided into a 24 hour clock, 365 days, 12 months.. It's a Human design that is unworthy of infinite reality.

We are currently humans having an experience in the third dimension. This is a linear timeline, we can only perceive one piece of information at a time.

This is about to shift. We all have infinite potential living within each of our souls.

We are able to tap into multidimentiones and create a new reality. Many speak of the big event that is coming, is it possible that the shift into the new earth is about raising our consciousness to such an infinite level that we are able to exist in multidimentiones? Is it possible to jump the timelines and tap into higher intelligent information such as understanding our true origin and how we can communicate with other star constellations and their beings?

Many souls have awakened to a greater understanding of our existence, and that the real secret is that we have been stuck in the matrix for eons.

Have you ever had the thought that you are living in a simulation where you have been programmed to follow the expectations of society ruled by the governments?

People are waking up, asking questions of why we should suffer, why we should be under control of lower vibrational energies that only create chaos and distortion in our world. The vast information from the media is pumping out fear related propaganda, affecting humans to the point that they can not live with love in their heart. Have you ever felt great, rejuvenated, uplifted and happy after watching the news? Have you ever experienced that the media have shifted your mindset and motivated you to believe in yourself, to accept yourself completely and that you indeed need no validation from anyone, because you are magical just the way you are?

These are all very important questions to ask yourself, as you are creating the current reality you are living in. You have the power to shift your mindset dear soul, you have an infinite potential, and you have gifts that are hidden deep in your soul ready for you to discover and remember.

Dear soul we want to help you expand, to learn, to understand.. you don’t need to be categorised as spiritual or have a deep understanding of the subjects we are discussing, all you need to have is consciousness.

We are ready to guide you, to inspire you, to love you and educate you holistically!

This is why we have just launched the RESOURCE BANK, A page on our academy website filled with YouTube videos with more information about this new shift, motivational videos for elevation of your consciousness and meditation programmes for you to study in your own time. We are also about to launch Meditation Monday and are working to set up a Summer school from July 2021. We would like to welcome you to sign up to our TRIBE and join our community, and if you are a member thank you, we appreciate you!

Our TRIBE LEADERS are dedicated to assist you on your personal journey, and we are continuously developing material to educate and support your growth. You can contact us individually or through our academy email:

Welcome to THE NEW EARTH!



Victoria Xereé Soul

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