The Power of Numbers; Every name is a living energy!

Updated: Mar 11

My name is Psio (by design) and I’m a Numerolinguist, that is I interpret the language of names through numbers.

Names, much like melodies and song are high vibrational sound mantras that impact and influence our environment. A name is a very powerful force. It gives life and reveals the soul of the individual who bears the name.

We obviously are not always aware of this, we may feel only the surface level. Like looking at the surface of the sea, yet we all have more depths and layers. What we see on the surface is the outer expression. Numerology, Geomatria or what i prefer to call Numerolinguistics is the tool or instrument that reveals what lies beneath the surface. The deeper truth!

The science behind Numerolinguistics comprises of Orthology (the study of words in language), psychology, philosophy, linguistics and many other fields of learning such as semiotics (the correlation of sign and symbol) and symbology.

There is an anatomy to each individual name. Each name has three core energies. An Expression, which reveal our natural abilities, attributes, personal orientation, faith and intellect. - What we are. An Emotive, which governs how we feel and how we connect with others. Our relationships, our dreams, hopes, designs and desires. In essence, what we want and an enviromental / physical force which is highly influential. This energy determines our physical appearance and wellbeing, what we look like, how we dress. It is also responsible for our social referencing and the way others see and perceive us.

Each name also has three very important Keys. The Key Note, which denotes the foundation energy on which the name is built. The Key Chord - the first vowel and therefore the initial emotive factor and the Key Tone, the encapsulating consonant which embeds the physical characteristics.

All the letters in our names have an energy of their own and are characters by their very own definition. The sum of these letters contribute to the overall dynamic of each individual name, creating a potent force greater than the sum of its parts.

Names are the vessels and vehicles through which we experience our life’s journey. Our names are informative and instructive.

Unlike our birthdates, names can be altered, adjusted, modified or completely changed, therefore altering its dynamic as anyone who has actually changed their name will testify. The characters in our names and their energy dynamics reveal and define skills, traits, qualities and attributes. These dynamics determine success. A names components and construction are key to unlocking raw potential, unleashing unequivocal beauty and evoking undeniable power.

Numbers have enabled me to reveal, explore, design and create bespoke names for a great many individuals and businesses. Through Numerolinguistics I can create vibrant names Fuelled for purpose and laden with intent.

Through Numerolinguistics you can really know yourself.

Words have meaning - Names have POWER.

Big big love


Psio's current working titles:

  • Founder of IOYEAU

  • Namestormer and Strategist at Peleopïa

  • Speaker and Lecturer on the power in names

@IOYEAU Every name is a living energy and within it, lies a powerful command (or a ma- gical spell) to fulfil a divine purpose. We explore, reveal, design and create high vibrational mantras/ sounds. Psio profiles, super charges and designs personal, birth, business and brand names. His work is an immersive and real experience. Be ready to dive into the essence, potential and direction of a name with It's original, often culturalising in sound and colourful in semiotic execution. It steers the evolutionary flow of our most deepest code. For Psio, working with names means working with the creative flow. @Peleopïa Psio partners up with a creative gang to run namestorms and co-create brand uni- verse strategies with founders and teams around the world.

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